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If you want the rare ability to get promoted 2.7x (calculated using real data) faster and make 4.529x more than practically everyone else your age (source) then this letter will show you how.  You’re losing money and opportunities every day and you don’t even know it.

Here’s the deal:

I’ve created a monthly newsletter called:

                “Promotion Strategist”

However it’s not free.

And, it’s definitely NOT for everyone.

Here’s what I mean:

                “Promotion Strategist” is a bi-weekly email newsletter featuring secret information around how to get noticed at work, how to advance your career, how to get big pay raises, and career advice that worked for me and sometimes for my other subscribers.  You won’t find this type of information anywhere else.  I’ve worked in a few industries and in many roles and the advice that I give works for them all. You’ll learn how you can apply what I’m doing successfully to your own career.  Each newsletter is packed with actionable techniques that are proven to…

Advance Your Career Faster
Get Big Pay Raises (over 20%)
The Same Year
You Use Them!


That’s my goal for you.

I want you to be able to see my email hit your inbox, read it in 5 minutes, and then immediately use the information and strategies that DAY to make your monthly subscription price back in spades.  (see ROI calculator at bottom of FAQ)  Then, keep building upon the new exclusive information to get promoted fast.


You also get a few valuable “perks” when subscribing, too.

The first of which is my…

“Career Mentoring”

I will answer your questions relating to your job or career via email – just send them 24/7.  Really. You can email me 24/7 with questions about your career and I’ll give it significant thought and get back to you with easy to follow actionable advice.  No need to spend $1,000 -$2,500 on a job coach (source), I’ll do that for you.

Some of the career advice questions that I get asked frequently are:

How to ask for a raise

See below. If you think I got myself those pay raises without applying some well thought out strategy then you are crazy!

How to ask for a big raise

I’ve grown my pay by 384.444% over the last 5 years. That’s 83.57x the average 4.6% raise each year for top performers, or 2.7% if you’re an average performer. Let me know your situation and I’ll tell you which buttons to push.

Workplace scenarios and how I’d suggest you go about them

I’ve seen it all from hooking up with coworkers, to living with your boss, to employees snitching on other employees, people trying to get coworkers fired, dealing with drug-addict coworkers.. Trust me, I can probably relate to your scenarios.

How to deal with certain types of coworkers

I’ve worked with Alpha and laid back types. Drug addicts, sex addicts, incompetent people, high performers, low performers, uneducated, and highly educated. I’ve grown faster than all of them and have advice on how to do it.

How should I try to launch a new initiative within my company?

This piece is absolutely key to advance your career and I’ll work with you to navigate this area like I’ve done for myself, and many other people. You likely cannot get massive pay raises until you learn to create more value for the company. I’ll show you how to do that.

How should I talk to my manager about advancing my career?

Know what drives them and then make their life easier. It’s a little more complicated than just that, but when you ask me, I’ll give you the full breakdown on how to make your manager want to promote you, and how to do it without harming your relationship. There’s definitely a right and a wrong way to go about this.

How do you know if you're at a dead end job?

Let’s talk. Sometimes you really are just in the wrong company and I’ll help you figure out if that’s your situation.

What should I do when my boss always blames “the budget”

Learn how to use it against them or balance it on the other side; I can show you how.

How to navigate office politics

Politics are never fun but I’ll help you beat office politics by rising above it.

I want to start hooking up with a coworker, is that OK?

Fully depends, but you probably can. Let’s just say, I have.

“This is without a doubt the best money that I’ve spent on my career ever!”


-Rachel L on 04/13/2019
Sr. Account Manager
“This literally changed my life! I got promoted after just 5 months thanks to what I got out of this. Thank you thank you thank you!”


– Robert F on 3/26/2019
Marketing Manager
“I love how the newsletter format changes. It keeps it fresh and interesting to read. I’ve been promoted twice and got a big raise since I started subscribing! Thanks!”


-Tyler T on 12/2/2018
Implementations Manager
“Thanks so much for always answering my questions quickly and asking questions when I don’t do a great job explaining! You’re a top notch job coach!”


-Sam R on 11/15/2018
Director of Account Management
“I was getting 4% raises for years then after applying what I read in this newsletter I got a 24% bump! Thanks a lot!!”
– Michelle on 10/20/2018
Jr. Agent
“I had no idea that I was leaving a bad impression on people by doing something that I thought was meaningless. I stopped doing it and BOOM! Next stop – President! Love the newsletter!”
– Luke on 06/01/2018
VP, Business Development
“I’m so glad you emailed me that first time.  Your newsletter has paid off as promised and I’ve told all of my friends to check it out.  This is one of the only emails I actually enjoy getting!”


– Sara S on 8/10/2018
Director of Finance

                When you subscribe today you will also get:

My welcome email and free access to all future tools that I put together for as long as you are a subscriber.  I am in the process of creating an awesome guide that entry to mid-level employees can read in just 3 hours and know exactly how they can advance their careers fast. This manual will be priced at $299 but I am including it for all subscribers that join before it’s released for free.


                Anyway, here’s the deal:

“Promotion Strategist” is $15 per month.  You can cancel any time, for any reason, immediately, and without any hassle.

                Short of doing your job FOR you…

I Cannot Possibly
Make It Easier For You
To Get Promoted Fast
And Get Raises!

Fact is this newsletter really is not intended for everyone.  Most people don’t want to take ownership over their future and stop losing out on pay raises and job promotions.

This newsletter is for the people that are serious about their careers and don’t want to be middle-management when they’re in their 30s.  This is for people that want to be a Director, or above by the time they’re 30 and want to control their own destiny. You can sit back and let the blood pressure of low wages and entry-level jobs kill you or you can rise above it and get your dream life.

If you’re not ready to accelerate your career, please click away now.  No worries, my inner circle of Promotion Strategists will continue to climb the career ladder.

                Now it’s time to choose if you want in or not.  Are you willing to trade $15 and 10 minutes of riveting reading per month for the information required to advance your career and get raises fast?

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Also, when you sign up you’ll immediately receive the last edition of my newsletter to get you started, as well as the ability to start asking me questions.

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See you on the “other side”,

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Promotion Strategist



What makes you an expert and why should I listen to you?

I’m not 30 yet and have been promoted 5 times within 5 years to become the President of a large publicly traded software company (one that you’ve likely used before).  I didn’t just “get lucky”.  I learned how to play the game from my father who also rose the ranks in his large company to become the President by the time he was 28.  I did it by 27, but hey, who’s counting?  The point is that knowing how to be a great employee and get promoted fast is not something that you’re born with.  It’s something that is learned, and I’d like to teach you it.  I’ve mentored many, many people and have seen them grow in similar ways so am confident that I can do the same for you.  Career coaches cost thousands of dollars per year; I’m $15 per month.

I’ve worked in fast food, marketing, sales, operations, customer support, account management, and senior management.  I’ve worked with some of the largest companies in the world and some of the smallest mom and pops in the world.  I’ve done B2B & B2C.  The teams I’ve managed have had virtually no churn and I’ve helped so many people advance their careers.  I genuinely love helping others reach their goals.

Who are you?

I can’t say due to the public nature of my full-time job and the confidential information that I’ll tell.  If you can guess it though I’ll give you lifetime access to my newsletter for free.

Why do you do this if you’re making so much money already?

Because I love helping other people live the same quality of life that I do.  I have a partner, a sweet house, great family, and love my job, but I get a different kind of satisfaction from giving back to others.

If it’s not about the money then why do you charge anything at all?

It’s a fair question.  One of my early mentors, a very successful businessperson, taught me that if you give things away for free then it’s perceived to have no value and people are less likely to use it.  I wouldn’t be accomplishing my goal by just blasting people that don’t truly value what I’m saying with information. I want my readers to be invested in the program and be more likely to put these strategies to work so that they can actually advance their careers.  Another way to say it is that “free advice is worthless”.

Why does your website suck so much?

A lot of science and analysis shows that the best format for selling an informational newsletter is actually just plain text in a story fashion.  I love building websites and making them flashy, so that’s exactly what I did when I started in 2018. Turns out that you can get a lot more people to sign up if you use this style of website, so I changed it.  Don’t let the 80’s feel to this website fool you into thinking that the information is equally outdated.

Do you offer refunds?

No, but you can cancel your membership whenever you want by going to your account page on this site.  There will be no hassle when you try to cancel, and no “gotchas!” like having to cancel 30 days before the next issue.  Just cancel whenever you want and the rest of us will keep on climbing, no worries

Why don’t you offer trials?

I kind of do.  If you want to see my last issue so you know what to expect I’ll email it to you.  Just click here.  Note: this is the same welcome email that you’d receive upon signing up.

How do I stop my boss from finding out that I’m a subscriber?

It’s actually OK if they do.  You’re not doing anything sneaky, and this is going to benefit your boss and your company greatly.  If you’re concerned, just be sure to subscribe using your personal email address.

A paid newsletter… what is this, 1995?

Fun fact: paid newsletters are on the rise as of 2018 and millions of people subscribe to them for premium helpful content.  It makes life much easier than hacking through the advertisement jungle that is the internet today for legitimate, non-advertiser corrupted content.

I’m not fully convinced that this will be valuable or help me yet..

Let’s do the math.  Let’s say you’re currently making $50,000 per year and you’re expecting to get a 5% pay raise in 12 months.  That’d bring you to $52,500 per year next year.  Now, let’s say you subscribe for 1 year at a cost of $180.  If the Promotion Strategist gets you promoted just 4 weeks earlier it pays itself off.  Or, better yet, if it results in you getting just a 1% higher raise it will have a 2.7x return on investment (ROI).  A 10% ROI is considered good in the stock market.  This is a 270% ROI with just a measly 1% raise increase.  I’m confident that we’ll crush that 1% uplift target!

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